This is where the farmer

takes center stage.


Farmers are super interesting. And, I'm guessing that unless you are one, you probably don’t get a chance to talk to a farmer all that often. I am also pretty sure that you have more in common with farmers than you think -- no matter how you spend your time.


Join me, Farm Girl, for about 20 minutes every other week to get to know a farmer, to learn some really interesting stuff, and to understand how they do what they do.

So, who is Farm Girl anyway?

I'm your host, Farm Girl -- a city and country girl with an accidental farm, a slew of farmer friends and a passion for talking to them about what they do.


I have had a blog since 2016, called The Pitchfork: Loose Material Lifted From Country Life (the Farm Girl name sorta emerged from there... by accident... and I do have another name, but I don't really use it here... ok?), a small membership-based apiary that raises awareness and repopulates bees with the support of the community, two funny donkeys, three weird goats, a clutch of hens with a predator problem and a garden way too big for just one farm girl to tend on her own.

If you'll have me, I would love to bring some farmers, and maybe a cow or two, right into your living room for a chat. Minus the muddy boots.