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Farmers in NYC with Union Square Greenmarket as the Stage

Welcome to Season Six of Talk Farm to Me. This season is all about the Union Square Greenmarket in New York City and the farmers and other producers who sell there. What an interesting combination — one of the biggest and most famous cities in the world and farmers and producers from within 250 miles. Talk Farm to Me dives in to how it operates, how it’s governed, the farmers, the farms, the 12,000 products, all the stories and lives and regional food systems that are influenced here.

In this first episode, you will meet GrowNYC's Director of Greenmarkets, Michael Hurwitz, and Union Square's Greenmarket Manager, Aquilino Cabral. Through their wisdom, vision and deep experience, we get to know the Union Square Greenmarket from the inside out. I will bet that you have shopped in a farmers market many times, but that you had no idea all the work and thought that went into it -- from an operations standpoint, from a deeper regional perspective or from the farmers' point of view. Well, I didn't. We cover the first two in this episode and we will spend the rest of Season Six with the farmers and producers who sell here. They come from seven states! They produce 12,000 ingredients! It's so impressive.

Come along. Here's the episode. It shows us the stage on which these farmers appear. This episode is a blueprint. But you can chime in and ask questions. You can shape where we go from here. Shoot me a message -- here or on Instagram (@xoxofarmgirl or @talkfarmtome) and be a part of this fascinating adventure. xoxo


Michael Hurwitz, Director of Greenmarkets, Director of Access & Agriculture, GrowNYC

Aquilino Cabral, Union Square Greenmarket Manager, GrowNYC


The music in this episode was created specifically for Talk Farm to Me by professional musician and songwriter Douglas Haines via Fiverr.


Always thank you to the amazing farmers who have been on any episode of Talk Farm to Me. Thank you Michael and Aquilino for being here!


Magic elves are busy typing up the transcript and when it's done it will appear here. I promise.

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