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Just the facts, ma'am.

Bringing the farmer, and maybe a cow or two, right into your living room for a chat.


Talk Farm to Me is an interview-based podcast about farmers -- who they are, what they do and how they do it. 


It's a bi-weekly podcast with 20-minute episodes featuring farmers with diverse products and stories.

WHERE, iTunes or on any podcast platform.


Released every other week. Several series a year, with short breaks in between.


Produced and hosted by Farm Girl, a city and country girl with an accidental farm, a ton of farmer friends and a passion for asking lots of questions.


100% of us (humans on planet Earth) are connected with farmers every single day. We need them to survive. In the US, the number of farmers has dwindled to less than 1%.


Farmers are essential. They are also interesting, hardworking, and have hundreds of funny, heartwarming, heartbreaking and enthralling stories. Talk Farm to Me aims to connect you with farmers. To make them famous and to make you feel more connected. It's important.


Farm Girl Audience Demographics

Blog & Guide (                    

18 to 44 yo men 65% & women 35%    


Instagram (@xoxofarmgirl and @talkfarmtome)           

25 to 44 yo women 57% & men 43%

Thousands of loyal listeners. Subscribers increase with each episode. 


Series 1: Opening Farmer Profiles (5 episodes)

Series 2: Farming During COVID (5 episodes)

Upcoming Series: Dairy, Politics, Financing, Farm Legacy, New Farmers & more



Produced by Dana DiPrima with periodic professional editing counsel from producer and editor, Shia Levitt. 


Music by Lobo Loco -- All Night Long (ID 774) and Spencer Bluegrass (ID 1230) Creative Commons License (by-nc-nd) -- & Douglas Haines via Fiverr. 


Interview Cast


Farms & Farmers, Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, Human Interest


Culture, Business, Documentary, Interview, Lifestyle


Full written and timed transcripts available on for every episode 



phone  646-335-3247

instagram  @xoxofarmgirl & @talkfarmtome

twitter  @xoxofarmgirl

A picture paints a thousand words... in case you're tight on space.

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