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I want to hear your ideas. Really.

Image by C D-X

Do you know a farmer you think I should interview?  Is there an issue you think I should cover? Do you have an inkling about a potential emerging trend that you are curious to know more about? Let me know what you're thinking and I will go out and find out more about it.

Do you have any thoughts about the show that you'd like to share? Your feedback is really welcome and helpful. 

Email me your suggestions, thoughts or ideas via the button below. Or, if you don't have something specific in mind, please take a quick listener survey (3 mins or less) to share your thoughts on the podcast and anything else that comes up.

  • "Where can I buy the products from the farms you have covered?" -- I am going to start including that in the show notes. 

  • "I love your podcast, and my main complaint is that I want it to be longer!" -- Thanks so much. I am committed to cramming a couple of hours of value into each 20 minute episode.

  • I have gotten a ton of recommendations for farms and farmers to visit and I am keeping a spreadsheet of ALL of them. 

Here's some of the feedback so far:

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